Monday, November 30, 2015

Plank Stompers, "Gnome Sayin" Album Review

Band: Plank Stompers

Album: Gnome Sayin'

Band Members:

Erik Burnham
Rudy Bzdyk
Will Spaulding
and Ben Walters


Mateo Monk (tracks 11 & 12)
Briena Pearl (track 12)
and Joe Hammett (tracks 3, 8, 10, and 14)

Track Listing:
1) Jimmy's Song
2) Truckstop Trippin' Cowboy
3) Bad Trip Boogie/Rabbit up a Gumstump
4) Cigarettes
5) Restless Blues
6) Road to Shepherdstown
7) Green Cat Eyes
8) Climbing the Hill
9) You Showed Me
10) Wine Berry Walk
11) Pentagram
12) Hole in the Atmosphere
13) Red Barnes
16) The Eleventh Hour
17) Shell

The Plank Stomper’s debut album “Gnome Sayin” is a wild ride that mixes old timey acoustic style music with a punch. The album flows through a variety of styles including folk, bluegrass, and traditional music with blues, rock, and even a little country. Overall the album is well put together with many surprises and covers a wide variety of themes including road life, spirituality, environmental issues, and love.

As I listened to Gnome Sayin’, I couldn’t help but be transported to the funky feeling of a late night fireside jam with friends. The Plank Stomper’s do a great job of drawing from the influence of bands like Old Crow Medicine Show, Garcia & Grisman, and even some Phish-y harmonies while maintaining their own identity throughout.

Gnome Sayin’ is a very well produced album, hitting its points and showing a great sense of togetherness amongst the musicians. Numerous collaborations are seamless and bright. Overall, it is a great testimony of talent and the benefit of sharing in the music.

If you like ballads about traveling spunions and socially relevant commentary, or have a taste for old school style funky traditional jams, this is the album for you. Gnome Sayin’ has a little bit of everything, but stands on its own as a fantastic musical journey.  I was very impressed with Gnome Sayin’ and I’m looking forward to future albums and as always, their next live show. Download this album or buy a CD, it’s great for any occasion and you won’t be let down!

- Sethro

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